Cali Mag Label

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Cali-Mag is a soluble form of calcium, magnesium, and iron chelate. It is readily available for plant uptake and helps improve plant nutrition. Calcium deficiencies in plants are one of the most common issues in horticulture and results in slow plant growth, yellowing of leaves, and weak flowering and branches. Adding Cali-Mag to the nutrient reservoir will ensure vigorous crops with lush green foliage.

Directions For Use

Cali-Mag is safe to use in all hydroponic, soil, or soilless applications at a rate of 1/2 -1 tsp (2.5-5 ml) per gallon.

Guaranteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N): 2.0%

Calcium (C): 3.0%

Magnesium (Mg): 1.0%

Iron (Fe): 0.10%

Derived From:

Calcium Nitrate, Magnesium Nitrate, Iron EDTA

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