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Foundation is a micronized mycorrhizal powder inoculum that consists of a blend of spores and 4 endomycorrhizal fungi species. These beneficial fungi build a natural microbial system, which greatly enhances plant growth and tolerance of environmental extremes.

The use of mycorrhizae increases the root's ability to absorb water and nutrients, while improving soil structure and plant yields. Foundation is water soluble and can be mixed with soil or in a hydroponic reservoir.

Directions For Use:

Transplants: Use 0.25 tsp under each cutting: 1-2 tsps for potted transplants.

Root Drench: 1 tbsp per gal water. Mix well and keep agitated. The objective is to get spores in close contact to roots. Drench every 1-2 weeks from vegetative phase through transition.

Hydroponics: 2 tbsp per gal water. Mix well and keep well oxygenated with air stones or pumps. Repeat with every reservoir change.

Compost Tea: Use 1 pound per 50 gallons of tea.

Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredients:

Endomycorrhizal Species:

Glomus Intraradices: 70 propagules/gram

Glomus Mosseae: 70 propagules/gram

Glomus Aggregatum: 70 propagules/gram

Glomus Etunicatum: 70 propagules/gram